AppBlock MOD v5.13.0 Premium Unlocked APK

Name AppBlock
Updated On 24/12/2021 (2 weeks ago)
Package cz.mobilesoft.appblock
Publisher MobileSoft
Version 5.13.0
Size 9M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Premium Unlocked

AppBlock MOD APK is an application that allows you to lock apps so that you can focus on what you are doing. This lock is only temporary, after the work is done, everything will return to normal, so you can rely on it.

Table Of Contents

    Introduction about AppBlock

    Website blocking, app usage timer and productivity reminders

    Ignore a notification from social media

    Have you tried playing Facebook to see how much time you need to surf each time or trying to watch online newspapers waiting for showbiz drama? Every time you take a quick look at it, for example, it takes half an hour. Not to mention a range of other applications whose appeal sometimes drives you crazy, such as video editing, listening to music, watching movies… that can only be summed up in one sentence: modern life has too many distractions.

    Whatever you do or how determined you are, the reality is that some notifications will always distract you from your work.

    All this needs to be resolved ASAP before we can focus on anything. While I know we should pay attention to our work, thousands of things happen on the phone with notifications all the time. Even if you try, you can’t ignore it.

    That’s why I need to find an app to help me through this. Finally, after a long time, Appblock suddenly comes to me.

    What is AppBlock?

    In short, AppBlock is an application that helps users “gain focus” by temporarily blocking distracting applications on your mobile or tablet. You can set this temporary lock mode for a range of apps that are on your device, or just for a few specific applications, at a certain time of the day when you need a lot of attention.

    Features and benefits

    Speaking of ease of use, this AppBlock is simple. I’m not very interested in applications that support this feature for phones, so I’m afraid to use them and rarely install them. But with AppBlock, it’s different. The feeling of ease and understanding comes from the first moment when opening the application. Monochrome interface with only background colors and neat fonts. Just focus on the customization function buttons and every edit will take place within 1-2 touches, and you’re done. So I think all of you who are not very tech savvy can use it too.

    Every time you want to block certain special applications in a separate period, you can save these Settings. And the next time there is a similar need again, just go to the settings store and select that setting again.

    What do we have besides blocking apps?

    Another utility that only experienced people understand. If you have kids at home, sometimes you need to lend them your cellphone or tablet (such as texting with a friend, setting up Facebook or learning online, playing a game). Then you should definitely download AppBlock to lock all applications on your device that your baby is not using. Why? What if your kid uses it when a customer’s Facebook messenger comes? Your child sees the notification and randomly clicks to answer nonsense, or accidentally presses the wrong send button, calls someone you don’t know. Or worse, click on online shopping apps and order and then auto-load with the card details you saved earlier. Technology that falls into the hands of children will create up to 1001 situations that you can’t even imagine.

    Use AppBlock to store unused items, mitigate the unfortunate consequences of using machines, and also help your child focus better at work. It is better to take advantage of the application lock mode that only leaves a certain time of the day. Because of this, reading books, playing learning games, taking online classes and hanging out with friends also fall within the scope of the schedule you set for your baby. When it is turned off for a limited time, the baby can no longer use it and return to traditional toys. Limiting the time to use technology in a scientific way is to protect the long-term health of the baby’s eyes and mind.

    What is the principle of application locking in AppBlock?

    Just like locking the door of the house, AppBlock allows you to set passwords for your mobile and tablet apps. This password can be a secure alphanumeric string that only you can access with characters, a fingerprint, or access through a Gmail account.

    AppBlock even offers an emulated random keyboard when you choose to lock with an alphanumeric password. You will use this fake keyboard to re-enter your password. In this way, you are helpless even if you install black software to look at the password.

    Almost AppBlock works on all types of content including applications, images and functional tools on the phone. So not only do you lock the application but your phone is also protected from intrusion by others during your chosen time frames.

    Using AppBlock is also very easy. After the application has been granted access to the phone, a list of all other applications on the device will appear. You just need to select the button to activate the encryption in the row of each application to be protected/blocked in AppBlock, and you’re done. Also disable the option with this button if it is no longer needed.

    In addition to the application blocking feature, you can also set up email notification blocking and safe browsing mode to help you get rid of the fear of being stalked while using the public internet.

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