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Name Battery HD Pro
Updated On 23/12/2021 (52 years ago)
Package ch.smalltech.battery.pro
Publisher smallte.ch
Version 1.98.04
Size 13M
Requires Android
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Battery testing and monitoring helps preserve the life of technological devices, especially smartphones. People who use technology know this trick well, but some users may not know it. Even though they know how to follow general principles, they may not know how to do it. So finding a dedicated application to monitor battery health and life, such as Battery HD Pro APK is a smart choice.

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    Introduction to Battery HD Pro

    Battery Manager for Android Phones!

    Battery HD Pro is a mobile phone battery testing application. This application displays all the very detailed parameters related to the battery of the phone you are using, such as battery percentage, power, temperature, battery usage graph… These parameters will help you make reasonable adjustments to make the phone use longer and longer. make effective.

    It’s just the app that shows the battery percentage, so what’s so special about this app?

    It is true that if you just display the battery life remaining in the phone, it is better to see it on the available screen of the device. But this app is not all about battery display.

    First, Battery HD Pro not only shows the % of the battery life remaining in the device, but also the applications that are “consuming” the most battery. For example, you know whether you use the device to listen to music, watch movies, play video games, check mail, work online and chat, which app causes the battery of the device to drain the fastest. And if you’re in a situation where you need to conserve battery power, this insight will help you decide exactly which to turn off and which to leave to leave the battery on until you get home and find your charger.

    Battery HD Pro also displays a usage graph that corresponds to the tasks used throughout the day. This graph is both statistical and helps you visualize the battery consumption of activities on the phone, by time of use. If the battery drain information above helps you disable optimal application retention, the usage chart will give you a better overview of how much battery is being used at any time of the day. There are times when you use a lot of battery power, such as a lunch break at work: surfing the web, listening to music and texting friends, for example. From there, you can think about your work schedule and activities on your phone to be more reasonable.

    Notification how much battery is left

    There are many situations where you need to know how much battery life you have left to perform a particular task. Battery HD Pro helps you with this not so simple calculation. Just by looking at the app’s notifications, you’ll know how much time you have left to listen to music, watch videos, make calls, surf the web, play games, read books, GPS navigation… It is very useful if your phone is overloaded with multiple tasks at once. By disabling all unnecessary applications and doing only the right things, you can save a lot more battery life and focus more on your task.

    Voice Notification Feature

    There is another very unique feature of Battery HD Pro: this application can give voice notifications when the charger is connected or disconnected. If you’ve been in a situation where you spent a whole day plugged into the outlet to charge the battery until you can’t see a battery anymore while you have to quickly run away with so many jobs waiting. What could be more frustrating. Now if you have Battery HD Pro available it will let you know if the charge is charged or not and even when you remove the battery there will be a voice notification.

    That is, without looking through the screen to check the little icon in the corner, you still make sure you charge the battery or not. For those of you who are busy with office work or those who often forget first, forget later, don’t often check the battery charge (like me here), this feature is very helpful.

    The interface is great and brings fresh colors to the phone

    Battery HD Pro’s refined interface is also commendable. Black background, white text, important information sections are colored colorfully. For example, if you display the battery percentage with a picture of a large battery, some of it will still be colored, the used up part will be transparent as if it had been reduced in size, and it would look quite vibrant. In addition, you can freely choose from many different color themes. The re-adjustment will change the overall color tone of the large screens and the font of the app when displayed on the phone. It also contributes to bringing a new breeze to your smartphone.

    Download Battery HD Pro APK Free for Android

    In short, Battery HD Pro helps you with everything related to your phone’s battery: check the battery, check the health and life of the battery, deal with unusual problems immediately, such as fast battery drain, charging is slow not due to… smartphone health. In my opinion this application is very necessary, you should try to download it.

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