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Name Flipkart
Version 7.51
Size 102.85 Mb
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MOD Features Unlimited super coins
Requires Android Android 5.1+

With over 1.8 million users, Flipkart is a thrilling shopping application that has hit the Indian market by storm. The application helps users to effortlessly browse the vast Indian markets with a massive collection of multiple household and personal items.

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The Flipkart application is available on the Google Play Store. Download the Flipkart free online shopping application today and shopping at the comfort of your couch. You just buy your desired items and they will be delivered to your address.

Once you download the application, you can shop for a wide array of items including mobile phones, electronic devices, fashion wear, accessories, consumer durables, etc. the application also comes with standard yet fascinating social features which allow you to brag to your friends and family members about the newly acquired items.

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India’s Most Popular Shopping App!

In the recent past, e-commerce applications have succeeded in revolutionizing how people shop. This mega change has been spearheaded by global shopping applications like Rakuten, Amazon, and AliExpress.

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The team at Flipkart developed this app with a focus on making all consumer products available to the Indian market anytime a need arises. Basically, that is a convenience the application brings! The application offers customers a pleasant and expedient shopping experience. If you want to go on an online shopping spree, download the Flipkart app now.

In addition, the application won the 2018 Google Play Award for being the best free online shopping application in India. Notably, the application has drawn the attention of over 1.8 million users. The Flipkart Online Shopping App has also received countless positive feedback from users for being the best free online shopping application in India.


Special Flipkart Features

Apart from being the best in India, Flipkart Online Shopping App also brings various benefits and features that make online shopping exciting. Here are some special features that stand out.

Buy Any Consumer Product – download Flipkart right now and access thousands of varieties of items from 9 categories. The list of items is an attractive and well-organized creation that also allows users to compare similar products. Fortunately, Flipkart offers just about any consumer items that you can think of to buy.  Additionally, you can order your shopped items and pay the bill safely!

The app offers everything you need to run a home including Smartphones, tablets, and accessories, General electronics, Laptops and peripherals, Furniture and household appliances, Video games and consoles, kitchen items, Men, women, and kids’ clothes, Footwear, and shoes, Personal care and cosmetics among other products. The feature which allows you to track your orders online makes this application interesting.

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Categories – for many users, it becomes amazing after noticing that Flipkart functions like other marketplace apps. You can easily browse through the various categories of listed items by just scrolling up and down the pages with a simple swipe. In the Flipkart app, all the products are listed on the 9 categories for easier browsing. This way, users can easily search for their desire items via the search field or through few taps.

The product listings are plainly laid out, with respective images and prices indicated on the thumbnail. You can see further information for the product’s page by tapping on any of the listings. In most cases, this information includes the postage options as well as the sellers’ location. On the same page, you can also see whether or not the seller delivers in your area. When a new product is listed in a particular category, users get timely notifications of new products and offers.


Share – the Flipkart mobile shopping app comes with an opportunity to make your online shopping spree a more social experience. This is because you can share the details of the purchased items with your contacts. Alternatively, the app also allows a user to send a text message to friends and relatives with the details of certain listings.

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That implies that one can get feedback about a product from their loved ones or even brag about owning a trendy and flashy item. This can get you their opinion even before completing the purchase. This feature is meant to give a user the chance to get recommendations for other substitute and top-notch items to buy if any.

Easy to Use Interface – you can easily search products on the Flipkart app today, through the search and categories features, browsing through the Flipkart marketplace is a walk in the park. You can explore the marketplace in search of a specific product or surf through categories with ease. The layout of the interface displays all the relevant information to the user in a prominent way. Besides, you will quickly see a picture and the price when you select an item. Further details such as the seller’s name, delivery areas, and shipping options are precisely outlined.

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Online shopping with Flipkart is extraordinarily enjoyable. Download Flipkart Mod APK Unlimited super coins today and get to the marketplace from the comfort of your couch!


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