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Name InShare
Updated On 24/12/2021 (2 weeks ago)
Package sharefiles.sharemusic.shareapps.filetransfer
Publisher InShot
Size 12M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Pro Unlocked

InShare MOD APK is an application that transfers files. Sounds confusing, right? With this application you can send any file in any format to your friends in a very easy way.

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    Meet InShare

    Transfer files at lightning speed!

    What is InShare?

    InShare is a data sharing application for Android devices. Data here generally covers many types, from applications, files, documents or anything you can store on your device. as introduced,

    InShare is superior to conventional data sharing methods. For example, Bluetooth technology does not allow you to share an application over a long distance with another device. Not to mention the limited connection and the speed is not really good. InShare has solved all these problems and has become one of the most popular sharing apps on Android, with over 10 million installs.

    InShare comes from the basic needs

    Do you have some cool apps that you want to send to your friends, or do you want to send a funny video to your friends but you can’t no matter how hard you try? Using the share available on the phone takes too much time. Receiving a lot of trouble just to share a file but can’t will frustrate not only you but any user.

    But the things I mentioned above are officially a thing of the past if you download InShare to your device right away today.

    InShare is an application to share all files, regardless of format and size, from one smartphone to another. You just select the file you want to send and select the destination for the file, click Share and you’re done.

    Share files quickly and easily

    InShare has an optimized interface, focused on the needs of users. Here is the need we strive for sharing and receiving files and data between devices. To share any type of data, just tap the “Send” tab. InShare shows a list of applications, files, documents, photos, videos, music … that you can choose and send. For devices that want to receive files, we can scan the QR code generated by the app for faster connection.

    Unlimited speed and capacity

    Not only limited to the type of data, but common sharing methods also encounter other problems such as transmission speed and data type capacity. But with InShare, it’s all unlimited.

    According to the developer’s information, and also according to my experience, InShare has a transfer rate of up to 40 Mbps, which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. This makes file transfers faster, saving you time. Files up to GB in size are quickly delivered to your device in less than 30 seconds.

    The second problem is the size of the data. Most common uses or transportation methods are restricted to ensure safety. Therefore, if you want to convert videos up to 2-3 GB, you will have to find a new solution. InShare does not limit capacity. It is well designed, with a separate transmission line, protecting you from risks. This allows you to still share large files via the wireless protocol of this application.

    Cross platform sharing

    InShare not only supports the transfer of many types of data, but also cross-platform transfer. You can exchange data between two mobile devices, mobile to PC or vice versa. For example, if you want to receive data from a computer, you just need to create a common access point for two devices. Here InShare creates the environment for web sharing. You can choose from two methods, which are hotspot mode and Wi-Fi mode. In particular, the hotspot mode transfers data faster, while the Wi-Fi hotspot is more convenient.

    After you have set up your environment, InShare will create an IP address and account for you to connect to the shared environment. Please note that you must enter the correct port number in order to connect and transfer between the two devices.

    Besides sharing between Android devices, InShare can also help you connect and share apps, files or any other document to iOS devices.

    Other settings

    InShare allows you to customize the language and region to save received files when other devices send data to. They are located in the menu bar on the left side of the screen. In addition, InShare also provides statistical indicators on the total amount of data sent, the total size received, the total number of files…

    MOD APK version of InShare

    MOD function

    Pro Unlocked: The Pro version of InShare costs $4.99. Advertisements are removed so that the user is no longer bothered by them.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Downloading and Using InShare You Must Read

    Do you think a little more about what InShare can bring and why should you choose InShare? Let’s play a question and answer game!

    Is it possible to transfer files, but only InShare can?

    Many other apps do the same. But in some ways, InShare will do better and above all more securely because it integrates special security technology when used with WiFi at different speeds, which helps to connect and transfer files quickly and without fear of hacking or virus intrusion.

    How much file size can InShare share

    There is no limit. As long as the file is on your smartphone or tablet, InShare can share it anyway.

    What file format can InShare transfer?

    Everything that is correctly stored and displayed on your phone can be shared via InShare. Let me tell you briefly: image files, videos, music (MP4, PNG, JPEG, GIF, PDF and SVG), APK files, note files, Word files, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF.
    Besides transferring files with no size limit, you can also send multiple files or folders at once. The operation is still the same and there are no obstacles.

    Sometimes I lose data while transferring, so can InShare guarantee this?

    InShare has a backup tool that enables intelligent automatic replication in case of data loss or transmission problems. So you can rest assured about this.

    What should I do when transferring files if there is not enough space on my phone?

    This situation is also expected especially with files occupying a lot of space on the phone. There will be a case where the capacity in the current phone is temporarily filled and the task is not performed. InShare has provided a Quick Delete function. If you are transferring files, but you are running out of space, click this button to delete files, freeing up space for the backup process and file transfer tasks.

    Can InShare be used offline?

    Absolutely yes. You can still transfer files without a Wi-Fi connection. This application works just as smoothly in a non-Wi-Fi environment as it does with Wi-Fi. If the recipient’s phone does not turn on Bluetooth, when they are online, they will receive the file immediately.

    Is transferring files in InShare faster than normal?

    With InShare you can send data at flash speeds, up to 40 MB/s faster than with normal Bluetooth. With videos smaller than 1 GB, it will only take 30 seconds or less to send. Moreover, you can also transfer files from PC to mobile and vice versa. This compatibility makes InShare one of the most versatile mobile apps ever.

    Ok I understand everything and now I want to use it, but is InShare easy to use?

    You can rest assured that InShare is known for being easy to use. It has a modern and beautiful design. From the installation phase to the file rendering phase, the file transfer phases are done very quickly and neatly. InShare has built-in smart file management features and many utilities. So reorganizing, organizing and finding files is both fast and exciting.

    Download InShare Pro MOD APK For Android

    InShare is my favorite sharing app. It helps me to transfer applications or any kind of data quickly. And if you are looking for such a tool, you must use InShare MOD APK!

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