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KineMaster Corporation
Name KineMaster Pro
Updated On 28/10/2021 (9 months ago)
Package com.nexstreaming.app.kinemasterfree
Publisher KineMaster Corporation
Size 96M
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
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KineMaster Pro Apk app is a fantastic video editor for Android phones and tablets. Download the professional video app and install it.

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    Introduce about KineMaster Pro Apk

    After being released on the Google Play Store at the end of 2013 and bringing video editing features to smartphones, KineMaster has won the hearts of its users.

    Designed for mobile devices, KineMaster is a professional full-featured video editing program. There are many easy-to-use features in this program, including speed controls, effects, transitions, and more.

    Additionally, it contains assets that can be used in projects.

    Video editing apps for Android have never been more advanced than KineMaster Pro APK.

    The video revolution is so fast today thanks to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and others, KineMaster Pro App is the best one for editing videos.

    Watermarks and some advanced features aren’t available in the free version.

    Features of KineMaster Pro APK

    You can add layers to the video, apply 3D transitions, and apply animation between video clips with KineMaster’s editing features. It has tons of video editing features, like Chroma Key, Multi-Layer, Transitions, and adding multiple videos layers.


    It is possible to place multiple layers in a video, such as images, audios, gifs, photos, overlays, animations, etc. You can add multiple things to your video by adding multiple layers since you can do this at the same time.

    As well as altering layer settings like size and timing, you can also move layers around. Multilayering allows you to attach files to the video and show them on the screen instantly, just like images, and you can also add videos to the video.


    When editing your video, you can use these animations to make your video elements in Amination. A common feature of PC software is the ability to animate things in videos. You can take advantage of these fantastic features with Kinemaster. The store also offers more effects you can download.

    KineMaster Mod APK

    You really need to add some animation effects to your video to make it more attractive. To apply animation between videos, KineMaster Pro APK has a number of animation effects. The Kinemaster pro apk store offers several animation effects.


    This feature is just amazing. You can add up to 8 tracks to a video at once by using the multi-track feature. While editing the video, you’ll feel like you’re in a studio. The tracks can be combined to make music and songs that will blow you away.

    KineMaster Pro APK Download

    You can create music videos using this feature. You will feel like you’re in a studio. You can add tracks and edit them together, you will feel like you’re in a studio.

    KineMaster Pro No Ads

    While editing videos with the normal free app of KineMaster, advertisements are displayed, but there will be no ads when using KineMaster Pro APK. Throughout the entire app. It is completely free of annoying ads.

    Voice Recording

    Rather than having to record audio separately, KineMaster provides you with the ability to add voice-over within the app. You can record your voice and add it to the video. The process of recording an audio clip separately and attaching it to the video is very time-consuming and difficult. Kinemaster gives you the option to record audio directly from the app.

    Chroma Key

    The app has this feature as one of its most popular features. In order to change the background of the video, chroma keys are used. An advanced feature such as this one is usually found in computer software.

    Green screen video can be applied to the video to change the background however you like. This technique is used to edit Marvel movies. By changing the background, your video looks more professional. Shooting videos for YouTube with this feature is a good way to remove background from your videos easily and also to change it.

    How To Use Kinemaster Pro Apk?

    The best Android app for incredible video editing on Android devices is KineMaster. You need to understand its interface and the different tools that are included in KineMaster Pro APK before you can use it.

    First, you’ll need to upload your video. You can upload your video by clicking the “+” sign in the middle circle.

    Adding media and adding layers are among the options available in the video editing interface.

    You can easily add new files or upload your video content. When you click on Media, your phone will open a window to select your photos and videos.

    Using Upload video editing, you can cut, crop, add sound effects, clip graphics, reposition, reverse, adjust the speed of a clip, apply a color filter, color adjustment, volume envelope, apply an audio filter, and add a vignette. On split/trim, you will have four options. Adding effects, color gradients, and transitions to your video clip is easy.

    Video clip layers, photos, music, effects, transitions, handwriting, and conversion into movies are all easily added.

    Download KineMaster Pro APK for Android 2021

    What's Modded KineMaster Pro

    Pro Unlocked

    No doubt left KineMaster is one of the most advanced video editor for android devices, Now download the KineMaster Pro app and start showing your creativity to your social media followers.

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