Samsung manages to remember that you paid for your phone, pulling ads from its apps

There is no doubt that Samsung’s smartphones are filled with ads, and we are far from the only ones who notice them. It makes sense for a company selling devices that cost more than $400 to keep their display clean, especially in the case of dialer services. The company has finally started to remove ads from some of its most problematic apps, starting with some of its oldest ones.

We learned in August that Samsung planned to get rid of all ads in its apps and services, due to complaints from employees unhappy with spam filling up their software. The fact that so many users complained didn’t motivate one of the top phone manufacturers to improve its user experience is frustrating, but the fact that anything is being done anyway is a relief.

A Samsung Community Forums manager in South Korea has confirmed that ads have been removed from Samsung’s Health app, according to TizenHelp. Ads are disappearing not only in the localized announcement but also in the United States and the United Kingdom. Additionally, Samsung Pay and Weather no longer display banners within their apps.

The change reflects a significant shift for the company that, even just a year ago, asked users for permission to track their location in order to make in-app advertising more effective. Samsung’s remaining apps that contain ads may follow suit over the next few months. The cost of smartphones — even budget devices — makes it unjust for users to be forced to put up with a substandard experience.

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