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Nox Ltd.
Name Nox Booster
Updated On 23/12/2021 (52 years ago)
Package com.noxgroup.app.booster
Publisher Nox Ltd.
Version 1.2.6
Size 32M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Origin

Nox Booster APK is an app to make phone faster by freeing up memory and clearing all unnecessary cache data. If you find that your smartphone is laggy and suddenly running slower than before, you must try this app.

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    Introduction about Nox Booster

    Improve your phone’s work performance and speed!

    Freeing up RAM will make your phone’s performance faster

    Nox Booster optimizes the available space on the phone based on the principle of software acceleration, combined with memory cleaning, virus scanning and cooling the phone from the inside. Due to this double action, Nox Booster helps to keep the smartphone tidy and have more free space, which can make your smartphone work more smoothly and faster.

    Specifically, when launching Nox Booster, the app will automatically assess the full status and operation of your phone. When it detects that the device is lagging, Nox Booster automatically runs a series of software to increase the RAM and increase the internal memory to improve the working performance of your phone.

    In addition, Nox Booster will continue to perform another operation that will be followed to intervene more deeply in the process of cleaning the phone. This app has built-in cache scanning feature so after doing these operations above, it will find and delete junk files and unnecessary cache data on your phone.

    In addition, Nox Booster also comes with self-scanning and antivirus features while using it. You may be wondering: what does cleaning the phone have to do with antivirus? It is a fact that if you have one or a few infected virus files on your phone, they risk spreading to other files, leaving your phone more lagging and reducing your phone’s productivity. Viruses are also one of the main causes of operational bottlenecks on electronic devices. You can not be sure that our phone does not have such a dangerous file because now the infection sources are very diverse, from saved files, downloaded files or from social networking sites or websites that you visit every day. No one knows for sure, so it’s best to just scan around and remove as many viruses as you can. This feature in Nox Booster is very powerful and keeps you safe all the time.

    These two features not only make the phone clean up the virus, but also help to increase the speed, memory and battery life of your phone, making game downloading and playing games faster and smoother.

    How does Nox Booster do all of the above?

    First of all, Nox Booster will provide all user usage data and phone temperature in real time after the process. You directly check and order Nox Booster to auto scan and fast scan and kill. And then Nox Booster will automatically run all the processes to clean your phone.

    Those who are more careful can touch and select each item to decide which function to do and which not, and check in the list of removals that Nox Booster suggests which action is unreasonable. In addition, if you don’t want to keep some files on your phone, you can check them and send them to an online storage drive. With the enthusiastic support of Nox Booster, you can have a thorough look at the list of usage data on your phone.

    The second action of Nox Booster is to prevent applications from automatically reopening without permission. These free-to-buy applications on your phone agree that sometimes it’s pretty handy to have it right away when you start the phone, but the fact is that they’re always open, active, and updated, even when you’re not using them. And it’s a waste of your phone’s performance and memory. Nox Booster will limit all these conditions with the Autostart Prevent function. If necessary, you are the one who takes the initiative to open them and you no longer have to worry about the silent operation as before.

    After completing all these tasks, Nox Booster will immediately notify the user that the process is completed. All you need to do is restart your phone and see the results.

    During this whole process, Nox Booster always takes care of three criteria:

    • Don’t do what you didn’t order.
    • Ensure privacy and security of all existing or deleted data from your phone.
    • The identity of the deleted files is also kept confidential.

    CPU Cooler and Productivity Booster

    Besides junk files, unnecessary data, files with viruses, applications that automatically open RAM, one of the main reasons why the phone becomes slow is not promoting its inherent performance because you open a lot of apps on the phone which makes it warm.

    Excessive heat will damage the hardware and hinder the process of heat dissipation, thus not promoting performance properly. But if you use Nox Booster, don’t worry anymore, this app will help you to cool down your phone automatically.

    And every time the device suddenly heats up, the CPU is overloaded, Nox Booster gives you red alerts and auto-suggestions for phone optimization. The way this is done is to automatically detect and close all applications that are using too many resources, through a special AI algorithm. The goal is to maintain the durability of the hardware device, quickly clean up the phone and provide better work performance and productivity.

    This feature is extremely useful when you play mobile games at high speed because gaming makes your phone get very hot and it is also not comfortable to hold and play the game on a hot smartphone.

    Clean your phone easily with Nox Cleaner.

    Download Nox Booster APK for Android

    Overall, Nox Booster is a compact application, easy to install, easy to use, most of which are in automatic mode. This application will help you a lot in removing junk files and unnecessary cache data while increasing the speed, memory and battery life of your phone.

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