Titanium Backup Pro APK Download (MOD Unlocked)

Titanium Track
Name Titanium Backup
Updated On 28/10/2021 (9 months ago)
Package com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup
Publisher Titanium Track
Size 7.8M
Requires Android 1.5 and up
MOD Features No

Titanium Backup Pro APK: You will lose all data if you restore the smartphone to factory settings. To prevent this, you must back up all existing applications. The latest Titanium Backup Pro version is one of them.

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    For the latest version of the application, Android users must root their devices first. The app will not work otherwise. To do so, you must download the latest Titanium Backup Pro 8.4.0 Apk for Android from a trusted site.

    An overview of Titanium Backup Pro

    One of the oldest and most trusted applications since the beginning of Android is Titanium Backup Pro. It has several versions starting from 1.5.

    Therefore, it can be used for all types of devices available today.

    Collecting files is a very easy process. Although it appears simple at first glance, it has many features compared to other kinds of applications.

    Features unlimited storage, a freezer, an app opener, and automatic updates.

    It is also capable of synchronizing data with Google Drive or other cloud services. A “Market Doctor” feature allows you to connect or disconnect applications from the PlayStore by simply tapping one type of button.

    This application can be downloaded for free.

    However, paid services offer many more features that are more complete. In addition to backup encryption capabilities, batch backup, and verification, hyper shell speeds up backup and restore.

    How to Use Titanium Backup Pro

    This Titanium Backup application is multifunctional because it has very complex settings. You can only use it on a rooted Android with a busy box installed. How to use it:

    1. Make sure that your smartphone is rooted first.
    2. Then install the Titanium Backup application.
    3. Also install the busy box application as support.
    4. Run the Titanium application, select the answer allow (if this application requires superuser access). Then you need to press the menu available in the application by clicking “batch”, select “Backup all users”.
    5. There will be an automatic guide when the process takes place, just follow it until the bakcup is complete. However, if you only want a backup for certain applications, use the backup or restore tab.
    6. The backcup process is complete after performing the steps above. Try to be careful, so that not a single step is left behind.

    How to Restore Backed Up Apps

    This process is carried out so that some applications on the smartphone return to their original state:

    1. Run the Application. The first step before doing a restore is that you must first open the application and run it.
    2. Select the Backup/Restore Tab. It must be exact which application you want to return. Then press “OK”. You just have to follow the instructions until the process is complete.
    3. Batch menus. This option is used for those of you who want to restore more than 1 type of application, even all applications where the method is to press the Titanium Backup application menu then select “restore all apps with data.”

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Root on Android

    Titanium Backup pro Titanium Backup pro apk download

    As one of the conditions for using the Titanium application is to root the Android. That is the process by which the owner has full access to the phone, so that it can perform any purpose, including deleting default applications that cannot be done normally.

    Advantages of Root

    Here are the advantages:

    Removing Default Apps

    Almost all smartphones have several applications inserted by manufacturer vendors that cannot be uninstalled manually or in general. Finally, even if the application is not used, it still steals internal memory and RAM.

    Backup and Restore Applications

    In order to maintain the health and durability of your smartphone, one of the keys is to frequently reset it at least once a month. However, it will be inconvenient because it requires to install applications one by one as needed.

    The easy way or alternative is to use Titanium Backup. It can be used to back up all important apps, but you need to root first.

    Control over the device.

    Root access can also make you lock the smartphone’s CPU so that the processor works as much as possible. The effect caused or produced is that it feels light to run any application that previously felt heavy.

    Avoid Wakelock

    The system condition that wakes up due to applications that continue to run behind the scenes is very damaging and drains the smartphone battery, so it will be slower than usual. An application that can be a solution is to use Greenify. But again, the condition that must be met is to root the smartphone.

    Edit Builds. Prop

    The next way to maximize Android performance is to edit “build.prop” by accessing “/system/build.prop”. This important process can make tweaks to the battery, memory and various other things. But the condition is to root and enter the file manager.

    Disadvantages of Root

    Here are the Disadvantages:

    Titanium Backup pro

    Lost Warranty

    Android that is intentionally rooted to eliminate factory default applications will lose the warranty. Because the existing system has been completely changed. However, you can still do the root process only when the warranty period is up, so you avoid losses.

    No OTA Updates Operating System

    The root process results in the phone not having the ability to update the Operating system via OTA (Over The Air) directly. However, there are patches available fix get the OTA updates for your device.


    Most users root Android in order to install apps that ask for permission to change the operating system. However, you are asked to be careful because the application to be installed may have a virus inserted in it.

    Performance Down

    The process of tweaking or what is usually defined as the addition of an external program installation system. However, when there is no match with the device you have, it will cause a decrease in performance.


    Malfunctions will only occur if you make a mistake and don’t understand the important systems in Android during the rooting process.

    Before you download the latest full Titanium Backup Pro 8.4.0 apk for Android, pay attention and learn about the advantages and disadvantages that arise. But in general, this application is very helpful in solving your smartphone problems.

    How to Install Titanium Backup Pro

    After the download is complete, the next steps are:

    Give Permission. Do the installation and allow all requests. However, you can also download this Titanium application via Lucky Patcher which you can install first. After that, open the “patches” menu, select the third “custom patch”. Click “apply” and wait until the installation process is complete.

    Ready to use. After completing all the download and installation processes, the file or application is ready for you to open and use.

    How to Download Titanium Backup Pro APK v8.4.0.2 for Android

    You can download Titanium Backup Pro APK from the download link below or from the Play Store if you can afford to purchase the premium apk of Titanium Backup Pro APK.

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