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Name Wallet
Updated On 26/12/2021 (2 weeks ago)
Package com.droid4you.application.wallet
Publisher BudgetBakers.com
Version 8.3.231
Size 36M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Premium Unlocked

The pandemic has taught us many lessons, including lessons about saving. Start managing your personal taxes now to save later. Wallet MOD APK will help you do this correctly and systematically.

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    Introduction to Wallet

    Personal Finance, Budget & Expense Tracker

    The ‘savings’ crisis has never reached its peak until now. Amid the difficulties of the pandemic, people have begun to rethink their lifestyle, spending and attitude towards the word ‘saving’. If you’re starting with nothing or really thinking about saving right now, it’s a little late. However, better late than never. To make a fresh start, you should find an application that specializes in tax management and expenses like Wallet.

    Expense management is a psychological warfare

    I can confirm it from the start: managing personal finances (not to mention that of a business or an organization) is a long and challenging process. Often we have to “wrestle” with our own needs to do this remarkably simple thing. Just weighing, classifying and ranking the “must-buy” things is enough to cause a headache. Not to mention a lot of trifles in the process that can leave you feeling discouraged and giving up at any time. So the biggest experience is that no matter what application you are going to use to manage your money, the first necessary thing is to be consistent and stable in your mind.

    To realize that determination and have everything at your fingertips, you need a helpful, loyal partner: an expense management app. My application selection criteria are reliability, details, simple interface, full features and high usability. It’s been so long since I couldn’t find a satisfying app, so I still manage everything through books and notes on the computer. Now Wallet meets all the above requirements. Highly recommended for anyone to use.

    Many practical functions

    One of the things I didn’t like about previous personal charge management apps was their lack of usability. Perhaps the designer has not really experienced the details of family life or many different professions and lifestyles. Therefore, most downloads are rated as disappointing. However, Wallet is different from them.

    It is literally a mobile smart handbook. You can automatically update your daily expenses, even the smallest. You can also dive into the weekly analysis of incoming and outgoing cash flows to discover unreasonable points in spending. In addition, you can manage debts, track accounts and use them offline to view your complete financial situation anytime, anywhere.

    The automatic mechanism in Wallet is pretty cool

    With high diversification, automatic linking and synchronization with more than 3500 worldwide banks, all your savings, debts, transfers are detailed without having to write off. This synchronization also takes place very securely, along with the ability to intelligently classify so that all money flows in and out are accurately recorded.

    Keep everything as detailed as possible

    Who says we just have to book big sums of money when spending? Many insignificant amounts will cause a great loss. A personal charge management application aims to help you collect all small amounts of money so that you can see how you spent it. Thanks to that feature, you can later adjust your behavior to save in the most effective way. Mortgage payments, car purchases, technology purchases to retirement savings, even money to pay for milk, office supplies, household necessities…

    Everything is supported to specifically and immediately capture when the transaction just completed. The biggest challenge for users is habit. Self made and serious with the habit of updating so Wallet can complete this feature.

    Detailed and in-depth spend reports

    Through concise charts, Wallet helps you see your financial overview. It also displays warning items about the level of overspending, unusual receipts and payments, credit card status, liabilities, and cash status. Ultimately, you can conclude from which source the savings can be made, how much per month and what needs to be done to increase that number each day.

    This is all the “expert” advice a disorganized spender like me needs. So when I found Wallet, I felt this was definitely for me.

    Help to be on time

    When they grow up, everyone has one (or more) debts, such as debts to buy a house, owe money to friends, working capital from the bank, car loan payments, monthly employee salaries… you will feel suffocated. The psychology of being in debt is always wanting time to pass slowly in order to have more time to make money. The worst part is that you even forget the due dates.

    The consequences of forgetting are well known, especially for those who owe the bank several million or more. Let’s say you have enough money to deal with these debts. Then what you need is an app that helps you track due dates, organize a secure payment schedule, and remind you when the deadline is approaching. After that, it can receive instant updates from your bank and account for your overall cash flow every month. That’s exactly what Wallet will help you never have regrettable late endings.

    To me, these are the three most important and necessary features in a good expense management application. Others may have different criteria. And Wallet itself has many other sub-features such as: Multi-currency support, automatic cloud sync, warranty and receipt tracking, catalog and template creation, shopping list creation, export to CSV/XLS/PDF, secure PIN, standing orders create, notifications, reports, sync between devices… But in the end, the three items mentioned above are still the reason I choose to stick with Wallet.

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