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WiFi Mouse
Name WiFi Mouse Pro
Updated On 25/12/2021 (2 weeks ago)
Package com.necta.wifimouse
Publisher WiFi Mouse
Version 4.4.4
Size 11M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Origin APK

WiFi Mouse Pro APK is an application that turns your smartphone into a wireless mouse, remote control and keyboard. It can be used to deal effectively with unexpectedly difficult situations. Remember the name of the app so you can immediately download and use it whenever you need a “spare mouse” or a “spare keyboard”.

Table Of Contents

    Introduction to WiFi Mouse Pro

    Control your PC thousands of miles away without a mouse or keyboard

    When do you need WiFi Mouse Pro?

    While working and studying, there are dizzying situations that seem to make us give up: the mouse freezes while presenting, the keyboard disconnects from Bluetooth during a project presentation. What would you do if it was a decisive meeting or a difficult group presentation where no one could lend you a temporary item?

    Remember WiFi Mouse Pro! It will help you.

    There is another longer term situation. When you sit in front of a computer and use the keyboard and mouse for hours on end, no matter how well ergonomic they are, there must be a time when you feel busy and tired. If so, it will be very nice if there is some tool that allows you to control the computer remotely with just a few touches.

    Think WiFi Mouse Pro! It will help you too.

    Especially when playing games, we sometimes don’t always want to sit in front of the screen, but change the atmosphere, relax hands and feet by moving freely through the house. Wired mice and keyboards cannot help as they are attached to the table. And Bluetooth wireless devices have a limited range, which doesn’t help either. Is there any way to remotely control the PC without any restrictions?

    The answer is yes. WiFi Mouse Pro will help you.

    Whether the computer/laptop you are using is running Win or Mac, WiFi Mouse Pro can be well compatible and it can work smoothly on all generations of computer/laptops.

    Sounds pretty cool and interesting right? But is it difficult to use WiFi Mouse Pro?

    Now I will tell you about installing and using WiFi Mouse Pro:

    1. Step 1: Download the app on your phone or tablet. Note: When using it with PC, you need to install it on both smartphone and PC at the same time.
    2. Step 2: Install the mouse server on the computer.
    3. Step 3: Connect to the same network. When the mouse pointer appears on the screen and you can control it from the smartphone, the job is done.

    In some cases, even though you have completed all 3 steps above, you will not be able to connect to each other. Check the mouse server on PC to see if it is blocked by firewall or virus filtered by antivirus software or not. Anyway, always remember not to run the AP router in isolation mode as this mode will prevent the connection between your PC and phone.

    Using the app is also pretty easy, right? You can do it very quickly, just in 1-2 minutes. After that, it only takes 30 seconds to use as the initial settings are available.

    How many excellent features does WiFi Mouse Pro have?

    After a simple installation on a smartphone, move the mouse pointer with your phone. Manipulations of double-clicking the left and right and middle scroll wheel are also available. There is also a quick PC on-off mode with just one touch. I believe it will help you to have such a cool experience.

    Moreover, when you “turn” your smartphone into a keyboard, you immediately have a layout that simulates a special QWERTY keyboard that is really different from that of phones. In fact, WiFi Mouse Pro may allow you to prepare the text with your voice. This feature is only available in English.

    In addition, WiFi Mouse Pro also offers a range of very practical features that you will need, such as: quick control of third-party applications such as VLC, Spotify, YouTube (web), Netflix (web), PPT slideshows and external display devices such as Apple TV , Samsung TV, LG TV…

    And let me show you one thing that everyone will absolutely love. WiFi Mouse Pro also has some game mode features. With a full simulator of joysticks, buttons, color themes for the console’s appearance, you can easily control all the operations of flying, jumping, shooting, jumping and crawling. Playing games on PC has never been so easy and fun!

    Download WiFi Mouse Pro APK Free for Android

    So I wish everyone a great experience with WiFi Mouse Pro. Don’t forget to try the game mode. Believe me! It would be perfect!

    Download WiFi Mouse Pro APK here.

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